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Introduction to Will Management

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Will writing, it is not complicated at all

Whether you are researching or ready to take the next step to make your will, Intender.sg lets you explore the next step at your own pace.


Making a will is a key step to looking after your loved ones when you’re gone. A will is a legally binding document that lets you state how you wish for your estate to be distributed. It also allows you to care for any minors under the age of 21.

Will Writing

Making a will does not have to be done only when you have accumulated sufficient assets. Consider making one as soon as you have loved ones you care enough for and want to make provisions for them in case anything happens to you.

If you’re just starting to explore, it is never too early to consider making a will. Intender allows you to find out answers to any questions you may have about making your will, so that you are equipped to make a carefully-considered decision about a vitally important document.

If you already know what you want in your will and need that little bit of advice, our professional will writers can provide the expert help you need to make that a reality with minimal effort and maximum efficiency.

Don’t Wait

A will may not be a once-in-a-lifetime affair. Your will may have to be updated when your life circumstance changes, for example, when you marry, divorce or remarry. Take charge of your will no matter where life brings you.

Making a will does not have to be done only when you have accumulated sufficient assets.
Benefits of Estate Planning & Will Writing
Making your will means you can express your wishes on how your assets should be distributed and your loved ones can be looked after.
Leaving no doubts
Other benefits of making your will includes removing any confusion about your wishes after you are gone. You can decide who should carry out your will, your beneficiaries, what you wish to give them and how much.
If you have ideas for your funeral, for example, if you wish to be buried and not cremated, you can even provide for that in your will.
Creating a trustee
If you have young dependents, you will be able to create a trustee for them and appoint legal guardians to look after their interests until they come of age. Your will lets you include details from how much living expenses they should get, to what assets they should inherit when they come of age, as well as how your appointed guardians should manage these assets for them.
Managing your estate
A will is a tool to help you with estate planning. Estate planning is the process of deciding how you wish to distribute your wealth after you have passed on. Besides writing a will, you can also consider writing a lasting power of attorney, which lets you nominate a donee to manage your affairs and make decisions on your behalf if you lose mental capacity, in cases of dementia, suffering from a stroke or being in a comatose state.
Everything of monetary value makes up your estate. This includes bank accounts, properties and investments. After you pass away, your funeral costs must be settled first. Then your executor may use your estate to clear off any debts you may have incurred in your lifetime. These include items such as bank loans, mortgage debts, credit card loans, and subscription bills, such as telephone and utilities bills.
Anything that is left in the estate after paying off these items can then be distributed to the beneficiaries according to the will.